Sunday, November 25, 2007

The News Roundup

Cornelius EP Gets Contributions from Petra Haden, the Books, Prefuse 73
New tracks from Cornelius plus old favorites reimagined by brainy music people.

Underworld To Emerge From Their Underworld With New Show Dates
And it includes a show on Leap Year Day.

The Walkmen announce 2008 Tour Dates
They'll play shows with White Rabbits in the Midwest and East Coast.

Mogwai Get New Release in the Fall of 2008
I bet it'll be doomy...
Chart Attack

Groove Armada Release 10 Year Story
Now you can be superstylin' with your new GA compilation album.
Resident Advisor

The Romantics Sue Guitar Hero Video Game Over Song Use
The imitation is as good as the original, the band says.

France Jumps Into the New Millenium With Anti-Piracy Plan for the Internet
You share music, you lose access to the Web. Seriously.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Reality Check: The Way Things Are Right Now

"The music industry is very healthy. The record industry is the problem. The notion that the only way to monetize artist creation is 10 songs that come out every 18 months, in a package called an album — the classic record model — isn’t what it used to be. [Musicians can profit from] reality shows. Fashion. Maybe I release five or six tracks and the rest comes in a paid subscription, that is basically a fan club…. Most labels are going to become management companies [making money from booking concerts, etc. rather than selling CDs.] There will be a lot of pain."

- Microsoft's J Allard on the state of the music industry right now in the New York Times