Sunday, December 16, 2007

Daft Punk's Electroma on Pay Per View

Daft Punk has been made available to the massess through the oldstream media groups like cable TV providers as a Pay Per View happening. For the month of December, Electroma will be on tap from cable providers like Comcast, Cox, Insight, MediaCom, Charter, ATT, Time Warner or Verizon Cable.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Autechre return in 2008

Get your Autechre on in 2008, thanks to this short but stright to the point message from Warp Records ...

We are proud to announce that Autechre will release their new album 'Quaristice' on Warp Records in early 2008."

So there you have it. Quaristice will be the first release since 2005's Untilted.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

The News Roundup

Cornelius EP Gets Contributions from Petra Haden, the Books, Prefuse 73
New tracks from Cornelius plus old favorites reimagined by brainy music people.

Underworld To Emerge From Their Underworld With New Show Dates
And it includes a show on Leap Year Day.

The Walkmen announce 2008 Tour Dates
They'll play shows with White Rabbits in the Midwest and East Coast.

Mogwai Get New Release in the Fall of 2008
I bet it'll be doomy...
Chart Attack

Groove Armada Release 10 Year Story
Now you can be superstylin' with your new GA compilation album.
Resident Advisor

The Romantics Sue Guitar Hero Video Game Over Song Use
The imitation is as good as the original, the band says.

France Jumps Into the New Millenium With Anti-Piracy Plan for the Internet
You share music, you lose access to the Web. Seriously.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Reality Check: The Way Things Are Right Now

"The music industry is very healthy. The record industry is the problem. The notion that the only way to monetize artist creation is 10 songs that come out every 18 months, in a package called an album — the classic record model — isn’t what it used to be. [Musicians can profit from] reality shows. Fashion. Maybe I release five or six tracks and the rest comes in a paid subscription, that is basically a fan club…. Most labels are going to become management companies [making money from booking concerts, etc. rather than selling CDs.] There will be a lot of pain."

- Microsoft's J Allard on the state of the music industry right now in the New York Times

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

DFA Records Offer Free Music For November

As long as your willing to cough up some modest and not so forthright personal information, DFA Records is giving you the chance to download two songs and one video, for free through 7Digital.

The songs are radio session tracks from Prinzhorn Dance School and Shocking Pinks and a video of LCD Soundsystem playing "Us Vs Them" live in Manchester.

The download option expires on November 30th.

Gold Standards Labs: R.I.P.

It always a sad day when a fellow lab of the experimental musical variety closes, and with that introduction, it should be said that Gold Standard Labs has decided to shut its doors.

On Monday, they made the following announcement from the GSL web site, "In recent years, we've experienced the onset of factors that have seriously limited our ability to maintain what we feel is the essence of the label; the experimental attitude and artistic freewheeling of times past are simply no longer sustainable. Rather than compromise our goals and beliefs, or allow our course to be charted by financial constraint and an industry in flux, we've decided the time has come for GSL to cease releasing new music, and to close this chapter of our story."

The current home of bands like Dmonstrations, The Mars Volta, Sabertooth Tiger, as well as being the past home to Arab On Radar, GoGoGo Airheart, XBXRX, and a long list of bands.

The announcement went on to say "The experimental attitude and artistic freewheeling of times past are simply no longer sustainable. Rather than compromise our goals and beliefs, or allow our course to be charted by financial constraint and an industry in flux, we've decided the time has come for GSL to cease releasing new music, and to close this chapter of our story."

Don't worry, the back catalog will always be available at Redeye Distribution/

Friday, October 12, 2007

Trent Reznor Announces Nine Inch Nails Remix Album Titled Y34RZ3R0R3MIX3D

Trent Reznor recently announced he was taking Nine Inch Nails down the path of freedom by being label free, and he quickly followed with the news of a new remix album that will feature the likes of saul williams, ladytron, bill laswell, the faint, and more on a release called Y34RZ3R0R3MIX3D.

He'll release for download through Amazon, Vinyl, and a CD / DVD package, as well as offering pre-formatted tracks for GarageBand, Ableton Live and Wave files for people to remix on their own. Hold on to your hats, people, he's just getting going with this not being tied to a label thing.

Here's what Trent Reznor said about it on the Nine Inch Nails web site"I can make this easy for you: if you just want to hear the tracks as cheaply as possible, get it digitally. The highest fidelity will likely be Amazon (through legal means). If you want something that's aesthetically cool and will enhance any collection, get the vinyl. Trust me, it looks great. The extra tracks are fairly minor embellishments to the whole (and surely someone will upload them instantly). If you want higher quality tracks legally, a nice package AND a complete multitrack of the whole record, get the physical CD / DVD ROM."

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Vashti Bunyan Does Live Bit on BBC

Now in the midst of the big PR tour for upcoming album release of Some Things Just Stick In Your Mind, Vashti Bunyan made a recent appearance on BBC's Radio 6, recording 3 acoustic tracks for the Freak Zone show.

You can check out an archived version at the BBC web site.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Pitchfork to curate All Tomorrow's Parties

Just in from the All Tomorrow's Parties people -- Pitchfork will curate the 2008 Spring version of All Tomorrow's Parties in the Spring of next year.

They'll bill it as ATP vs. Pitchfork, meaning that both camps will split up the picking of the bands. The festival happens May 9-11 at Camber Sands Holiday Park (in the U.K.), and has announced some initial bands, with more to come:

Pitchfork's choices so far:
Of Montreal
Man Man
Los Campesinos!
Glass Candy
Dirty Projectors

ATP's choices so far:
Pissed Jeans
Fuck Buttons

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

MP3: Clipd Beaks Sign to LovePump United

Dark and scary and of this earth. Ladies and gentlemen, with Clipd Beaks, I give you the first band offering worthy of the Fall season. The music is actually more experimental than scary, and scary might be a bit of a strong word, but the band uses subconscious themes to a devastating effect, and the power of that sound might freak you out.

Real drums, analogue synth, lots of creativity and some lo-fi samples of found sounds get thrown together into a heady vortex of sound and cacophony and chaos. Occasionally they bring the music back into to order, just so they can make it all crazy again, you know? The back and forth is nice.

They recently signed to LovePump United to release their upcoming album Hoarse Lords on November 6th.

MP3: Clipd Beaks

Clipd Beaks: Hoarse Lords Track List:
Release Date: November 6th, 2007
01 Melter
02 Wrathscapes
03 Manipulator
04 High on Charms
05 Hoarse Lords
06 We Will Bomb You (We Will)
07 Woo Melodies
08 Black Glass
09 Let It Win